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Optical (ETU/Mosfet) - v.3 Gearbox

Optical (ETU/Mosfet) - v.3 Gearbox


Each unit has gel blaster wires unsoldered & includes deans/T-plugs
Tested & Inspected - You never have to worry about a faulty unit

T238 v1.7 is an electrical trigger unit with a programmable MOSFET.

v1.7 can be programmed by trigger pulling, it is specially designed for AIRSOFT gearbox version 3 (V3).

With high speed processor, 8 optical sensors and 2 high power MOSFET chips, this system has many individualized programmable functions, such as piston positioning, binary trigger, multiple-shot and so on.

Besides, it also has the functions of battery low-voltage and overheat protection as well as gearbox block-up protection. It can effectively improve the stability, shooting speed and response speed of gearbox, at the same time, it can completely eliminate the problem of gearbox single-shot become multiple-shot. The module uses a maximum of 12.6V batteries.

Before installing, isolate the top and bottom of your gearbox that will be in contact the T238 unit with electric/kapton tape or nail polish !!!

Installation for T238 V3 DTU V1.1-1.7 click: HERE

Troubleshooting case click HERE

T238 community click HERE

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