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O-Ring Silicone Lubricant - 56204

O-Ring Silicone Lubricant - 56204

Super Lube


Super Lube® O-Ring Silicone Lubricant is a specially formulated non-curing silicone fluid that is designed for lubricating, sealing and conditioning O-rings and other regulator and valve system components. It is compatible with most plastics and rubbers. In addition, the product is waterproof, protects against moisture, oxidation and is heat stable.

Using Super Lube® O-Ring Silicone Lubricant during installation helps protect an O-ring from damage by abrasion, pinching or cutting. It also helps to seat the O-ring properly, speeding up assembly operations and improving automated assembly.

Lubricating the O-ring with Super Lube® O-Ring Silicone Lubricant in dynamic pneumatic applications will extend the equipment service life.

Super Lube® O-Ring Silicone Lubricant will help reduce the overall leak rate in vacuum applications by filling the spaces of the gland’s surfaces and lowering the permeation rates of the elastomer.

Super Lube® O-Ring Silicone Lubricant is a NSF registered Food Grade lubricant, rated H1 for incidental food contact. Meets former USDA (H1) guidelines.


  • Clear O-ring fluid
  • Vacuum applications
  • Seals out moisture
  • High dielectric strength
  • Safe in potable water
  • Food grade and clean
  • Rubber preservative
  • Heat Stable
  • Lubricates most rubbers and plastics
  • Wide temperature range
  • Compatible with majority of rubber and plastic compounds.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Kosher certified
  • NSF Registered (H1), #156449
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