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Dean (T-Plug) Parallel Battery Adapter

Dean (T-Plug) Parallel Battery Adapter

Airsoft Mutation

Please use 2 identical Brand & C rating of batteries to be safe

This allows 2 batteries to connect and act as one. The discharge rate (C rating) stays the same while usage duration increases addtionally (mAh).

For example,
2x 1100mAh 20c = 2200mAh 20c

The level of amperage that the battery allows the circuit to take is then higher. This makes it possible to not underpower it and thus allow it to operate at full capacity.

Even if the battery is gigantic, there is no overload of amperage in the electrical circuit since a circuit takes a certain maximum amperage only. You can underfeed, never overfeed.

However, if you do not have a mosfet and/or electronic trigger unit, using a big battery is bad because the arc between the contact switch will be too strong and cause faster oxidation of the switch’s contacts.

Please balance charge both battery equally prior to plugging together!

Individually tested for use with Li-po batteries. We are not responsible for any damage that can occur. Use to your discretion with caution.

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