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Jaeger MK.III (Mark 3) - Piston

Jaeger MK.III (Mark 3) - Piston

Airsoft Mutation

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For customization purposes, the piston's rack is not yet glued/epoxied!!! 
Even though it is tightly fitted, it is recommended to do so prior to installation.
Taking the AEG piston into the future! The Jaeger MK.III (Mark 3) sets a new standard for AEG pistons. It is truly indestructible and will withstand any build thrown at it.

New Jaeger Mk.III Specifications:

  • Injection Molded DuPont Nylon
    For high strength & long term durability - lower friction and higher wear resistance than our Jaeger MK.II.

  • CNC Hardened Chromoly Steel Rack
    With proprietary ultra hard coating for superior lubrication retention and extreme wear resistance.

  • Heightened Rack Section
    Offset rack to allow more shim space for the sector gear.

  • Revised Meshing
    Between piston rack and sector gear for more compatibility and reduced wear.

  • Wide Piston Rails with Deep Groove
    Gives very low wobble in your favorite CNC gearboxes while also being compatible with nearly every gearbox with just a little bit of sanding

  • Lightweight (15.0 g ) - Optimized Holed Design
    Makes the piston substantially lighter despite the new heavier materials at no cost to its durability compared to our Jaeger MK.II.

  • Chamfered Edges
    Throughout and full length rail for superior load bearing and 0 chance of spring and gearbox snagging.

Usual Jaeger Pistons Specifications:

  • Highest pickup tooth and overall cross sectional area
    Compared to standard pistons

  • Proper Tooth Profile
    For optimal meshing with most aftermarket sector gears.

  • Correct Height Pickup Tooth
    To not interfere with sector gear body.

  • Third Tooth is cut at an angle
    To aid AOE correction - not like it's required with this piston anyways.

  • Can be used at high RPS & Joules
    Will withstand at least 70rps and 3J with ease. 

The piston is no longer the weakest link.
We called this beast the “Hunter” for a reason.
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