About Us

We are a gathering of individual Airsoft Techs who have decided to collaborate under the same banner. After our many years of experience, we each developed our own expertises. We have learned and discovered many fine details about the functionality of airsoft guns. We took that advantage to exchange and enhance each other's knowledge to provide fine tuning, high-end products and other services.

We are, before everything, dedicated airsoft players and we know that a player’s satisfaction is a must.

Alec Brown

I am dedicated to perfection and to always improve my craft. If you need a crazy build, I can do it.

I am an Electric and Bolt Action airsoft guns specialist with 10 years experience.

Gerard Truong

For those who do not know me, I have been an airsoft technician for 10 years.

I specialize in Electric, Bolt & GBB airsoft guns.

It is my pleasure to share such knowledge as a paid service (repair/upgrade) or even a simple discussion to indulge your curiosity.