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The Jaeger MK.II (Mark 2) - Piston

The Jaeger MK.II (Mark 2) - Piston

Airsoft Mutation

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For customization purposes, the piston's rack/teeth are not yet glued/epoxied !!! 
Even though it is tightly fitted, it is recommended to do so prior to installation.
If you do, you can clean the little residue of plastic on the body along side of the rack as you hammer it out/in for even better fitment/adherence.
Taking the AEG piston into the future! The Jaeger MK.II (Mark 2) sets a new standard for AEG pistons. It is truly indestructible and will withstand any build thrown at it.

Now made on top of the line Multi-Jet Fusion printers (MJF) for higher consistency, perfect dimensional stability and higher strength. No other piston comes close.

  • Ultra high durability USA made MJF nylon 11
    Grants incredible impact resistance and superior tolerances batch to batch. Zero warping and perfectly straight each and every time. PA11 is also made from renewable resources! Yep, you got that right, its also eco friendly!

  • CNC EDM wire cut hardened 4140 chromoly steel rack.
    The only piston on the market with a CNC chromoly rack for increased wear resistance and near zero chance of a rack snapping in pieces.
  • Highest pickup tooth and overall cross sectional area of any piston on the planet. 

  • Proper tooth profile
    for optimal meshing with most aftermarket sector gears.

  • Correct height pickup tooth
    to not interfere with sector gear body.
  • 3rd tooth is cut at an angle
    to aid AOE correction - not like it's required with this piston anyways.
  • Heightened rack section
    Offset rack by 0.25mm to allow more shim space for the sector gear.
  • Lightweight (16.4 g SSG/18.4g DSG) despite the lack of lightening holes
    Nothing for your spring or gearbox guide rails to snag on.

  • Can be used at any RPS and any Joule level.
    Will withstand 70rps+ and 3J+ with ease. 

The piston is no longer the weakest link
We called this beast the “Hunter” for a reason
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